Motherload Movie

Image from the Motherload movie website

On June 4, four islanders—Alyse Nelson, Paula Holmes Eber, Kristine Cramer, and Susan Loftus shared their experiences of biking with their children. All are members of either Squeaky Wheels or Bainbridge GreenWays. The panelists spoke following the showing of the movie Motherload.

The movie is a high energy, crowd-funded film about how cargo bikes can change the way people live—and help save the planet. The showing was part of the Movies that Matter Series hosted by the Climate and Energy Forum. The film spotlighted a movement dubbed “Kiddical Mass” (a word play on the Critical Mass biking movement) that gets kids out on bikes. Several in the movie’s audience suggested getting that movement going on Bainbridge. The film also showed that in a disaster cargo bikes can carry supplies to places cars can’t reach. Leslie Marshall later brought up the value of cargo bikes at a meeting the Bainbridge Prepares.