Safe Streets Pilot

Photo credit Joe Deets

From May 22 to June 1, residents on Grow Avenue got a second respite from through traffic under the City’s Safe Streets program. The program was designed to enhance the safety of the many bikers, joggers, and walkers out on the streets. The first phase of the pilot, implemented by the City, Squeaky Wheels, and Bainbridge GreenWays, was carried out on Grow from May 8 – 12.

An online survey revealed that the program was generally well received. Of 155 respondents, 56 percent favored continuing the program during the governor’s stay home orders, while 36 percent did not. For those living on Grow and its feeder streets, 76 percent favored the program’s extension. The second phase was ended on June 1, when construction was scheduled to start on the Madison/Wyatt roundabout. Ironically, while construction is underway, through traffic will be directed to Grow, making the street temporarily more trafficked than ever.

An ad hoc committee comprised of three city council members and representatives from Squeaky Wheels and Bainbridge GreenWays will determine any future action under the Safe Streets program.