On April 27, 2021, the Climate & Energy Forum presented “The Carbon Footprint of Waste”.  You can listen to it here.
Click on the names below for the slides from each of our speakers.

  1. Domenic Calabro, US EPA Region 10
  2. Heather Trim, Executive Director of Zero Waste Washington
  3. Michael Bryan-Brown, Owner of Green Mountain Technologies

During the presentation and Q&A, they noted some handy website resources:

  1. How to store food so that it stays fresher longer: https://www.seattle.gov/Documents/Departments/SPU/EnvironmentConservation/FoodStorageGuide.pdf
  2. Different links on how to shop smarter, prepare food better and use it up to prevent wasting it:
  3. Various links to recipes with leftovers and more:
  4. Comprehensive site about food storage, planning and recipes:
  5. The EPA’s Food Too Good to Waste implementation guide and toolkit:
  6. Clearing up date labeling confusion:
  7. Lifecycle analysis of of greenhouse gas emissions from composting vs landfills and anaerobic digestion:
  8. A few types of windrow composting systems: