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Sakai Plastic Film Recycling Challenge

That's air pillows!  Bubble wrap!  Plastic shopping bags!  Even more!
Sakai students are trying to win the 2019 Trex Recycling Challenge by collecting more plastic film than any other school in the country.  As of March 9, they have collected 22,000 pounds!
If Sakai students win, Trex will give them a bench made from approximately 10,000 plastic bags.  Even better, our students will have educated Bainbridge Islanders about the fact that they can actually recycle plastic film and prevent this material from ending up in landfills and our oceans.  Also, NEVER PUT PLASTIC BAGS WITH YOUR OTHER RECYCLABLES!!!

WHEN:  Now through April 15, 2019
WHERE TO DONATE:  "Trex!" bins outside at Sakai Intermediate School, 9343 NE Sportsman Club Road - near the door to the right of the main entrance, by the bike rack, between the two front parking lots. Accessible 24/7.
WHAT TO DONATE:  Clean, Dry & Empty HDPE (#2) and LDPE (#4) plastic film:
Plastic grocery bags
Produce bags
Bread bags
Ice bags
Wood pellet bags
Dry cleaning bags
Garbage bags (unused)
Newspaper/magazine sleeves
Pallet wrap
Case overwrap
Shipping air pillows (pop first)
Bubble wrap 
All-plastic mailing envelopes 
All bubble wrap mailing envelopes (label okay)
Furniture & electronic wrap
Chicken feed bags (WITHOUT webbing)
Cereal & cracker box liner bags (these are chemically congruent with Trex processing)
Ziplock/Resealable bags - remove hard plastic zip 

Crinkly plastic
#5 produce bags with air holes
Saran wrap
Frozen food bags
Cheese slice bags
Snack bags      

SPREAD THE WORD: Get your neighborhood, community groups, or sports teams involved.  Be creative! Organize a plastic film collection drive and bring the material to Sakai's outside bins. 
Thanks for your help!  And as always, be fantastic & recycle plastic!