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Plastic Film Recycling

The Trex National School Plastic Recycling Challenge officially ended April 15, 2019.  Thank you for helping them WIN with over 5,000 pounds collected!
Now keep on recycling all the appropriate materials (see lists below) at Town and Country and Safeway in their designated plastic bag bin. 

WHAT TO RECYCLE: HDPE (#2) and LDPE (#4) plastic film - See list below. CLEAN -- DRY -- EMPTY

Plastic grocery bags
Produce bags
Bread bags
Ice bags
Wood pellet bags
Dry cleaning bags
Garbage bags (CLEAN)
Newspaper/magazine sleeves
Pallet wrap
Case/Buk item overwrap
Shipping air pillows (pop first) OR Take to UPS Store UNpopped for their reuse 
Bubble wrap (clean and no tape) OR Take to UPS Store for their reuse
Tyvek mailing envelopes (remove label)
Mailers made exclusively of bubble wrap, like Amazon's (no paper exterior); remove label
Furniture & electronic wrap
Chicken feed bags (WITHOUT webbing)
Cereal & cracker box liner bags (these are chemically congruent with Trex processing)
Zip lock/Resealable bags (remove hard plastic zip) 
Racing bibs (remove electronic chip, no safety pins)
Plus these two types of packing material:
    <-- Not more than 1/4" thick
Any plastic film with food residue on it
*Saran wrap
**Frozen food bags
Candy wrappers
Snack cheese wrappers
Chip bags
"Crinklyā€¯ plastic (eg, pre-washed salads bags)
Pet food bags
Six-pack rings
Degradable/Compostable bags
Zippered bedding/comforter bags
Paper mailers with bubble wrap liner
Hard plastic 
Potting soil bags
Compost bags


*While Saran wrap is stretchy and film-like, it CANNOT be accepted.  Rather than one type of plastic, Saran wrap is a combination of plastics that makes it unacceptable for the recycling process.
**While frozen food bags look like regular resealable bags, these bags are not.  Apparently, frozen food bags are lined with a preservative that renders the plastic incompatible with the plastic film recycling process. 

The Sakai students won the top prize for their age group and school size!  Look for a Trex bench made from approximately 10,000 plastic bags in front of Sakai Intermediate.  

Sakai parents, teachers and students were so successful at raising community awareness about this special recycling stream that they collected 5094 pounds of this lightweight material.
Kudos to parent Kathryn McGowan for leading the way, with teacher Elizabeth Vroom supporting within the school and Zero Waste devotee Susan Knell sorting and packing up the bags dropped off on the weekend and during all the school vacations.