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About Us

Climate Action Bainbridge’s mission is to take actions to reduce the threat of climate change on the local, state and regional level.  We must act now and we must act boldly.

We believe our Island can and must become a model for other communities.   Let’s prove that working together we can address climate change and leave a legacy for our children that shows our determination and commitment to a viable and sustainable future.

Climate Action Bainbridge now has over 200 members.  If you have questions, please contact

Our Steering Committee

Brian Anderson, Michael Cox, Herb Hethcote, and Barb Zimmer

What We Do and How We Inform

Bainbridge Climate and Energy Forum

Expand Peoples Understanding of Issues Related to Climate Change and Energy

Movies that Matter

Provide an Opportunity for Community Dialogue on Environmental and Social Issues via Film

Local Climate Action

If Not on Bainbridge Island then Where

State and Federal Climate Action

What is happening at the Washington State and Federal Levels

Climate Science

We know we are warming the climate.

Climate Action Bainbridge News

Newsletter Signup

Subscribe to any of our Sustainable Bainbridge newsletters here. There is a general monthly newsletter that compiles articles submitted by the various SB programs and campaigns. There are also newsletters specific to certain programs.

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