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About Us

Bainbridge Island Zero Waste’s mission is to reduce the amount of waste produced by our community, from acquisition to disposal. We aim to encourage changes in behavior that ultimately lead to a more sustainable use of resources.

Sustainable Bainbridge created BIZW in 2010. It is managed and run all by volunteers. We encourage you to explore our site, check out news posts and future events, and engage with us if anything strikes your fancy.
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Want to know if you can recycle something?
Want to know which organization might reuse your functional item?

Get the answers on our “Guide to Reusing and/or Recycling Locally” page.

Pre-Covid, we met monthly, either in general public meetings or as a steering committee, which consists of Diane Landry (ZW director), Alison Kettering, Susan Knell, Jane Martin, Barbara Ochota, and Dawn Snider. Check the events listings below for the next scheduled general meeting.

What We Do and How We Inform

Reuse and Recycling Information

Reuse/Recycle Guide ~ Recycling Quiz ~ Reduce Tips ~ Holiday Waste ~ Plastics Pledge

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Tableware Lending Library

Borrow tableware for your next private or nonprofit event.

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Zero Waste Event Assistance

Help us manage discard stations at Bainbridge Island community celebrations. Learn how to set up your own and borrow our supplies.

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Styrofoam Collection

Two collections a year. Find out when and what to bring and how to prepare.

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Archived Reports

Semi-monthly newsletters ~ Meeting minutes ~ Year-end reports ~ Past campaigns

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Get Involved

We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization. Find out how you can help.

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#1 Way to Help Recycling

Put your recyclables in your curbside bin LOOSE or in a paper bag. The same goes for the transfer station. Recyclables bundled in plastic bags do not get opened; they are automatically landfilled.

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Rubbermaid Recycling

Food storage containers do not get recycled locally.  Zero Waste is participating in a Terracycle program to recycle old, worn-out containers (including glass) such as Rubbermaid. Place your mismatched top or bottom or scratched up plastic food containers in the bin located outside the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way West.  Single-use containers are not accepted.

More info here

America Recycles Day is November 15

In that spirit, watch and learn in 50 seconds…

Find out more here

Recycle Holiday Lights

Now through January 18, take broken light strings to Bainbridge Ace Hardware.

More holiday reuse and recycling here

Magazines, Puzzles, and Books for You!

All are welcome to come browse the book, magazine and puzzle offerings at the Bainbridge Island Senior Center on Tuesdays from 10am-1pm and Thursdays from 10am-noon.  Please enter through the east wing door. There is a donation jar for the items you select; funds raised will be used to run the senior center.
If you want to donate any of these things, bring them during the times above. Magazines (no catalogues, please) should be less than a year old. The more popular puzzles have 500 pieces or fewer. Any donations are quarantined for 48 hours before being made available.

What Do I Do with This Mailer?

Mailing envelopes come in all different forms: bubble wrap, padded, paper + bubblewrap, and more.
Find out whether you should recycle them curbside, take to the grocery store, compost or landfill.

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Zero Waste Events

Zero Waste News

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