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Zero Waste Initiative

Zero WasteBainbridge Island Zero Waste, an initiative of Sustainable Bainbridge, is dedicated to reducing the amount of trash generated on Bainbridge Island. We are diverting resources bound for the landfill by promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.

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THERE IS NO JULY ZERO WASTE MEETING  - We next meet on Wednesday, August 20.
Please come - everyone has a unique perspective to offer, from which we build a more effective program.

STYROFOAM RECYCLING - July 19 (9-5:30pm) & 20 (10-4pm).  Save your clean, dry, white, breakable Styrofoam for Bay Hay and Feed's semi-annual collection.  Remove all tape and stickers. NO PEANUTS! 

Bay Hay will drop off the polystyrene on their regular runs past Styro Recycle in Renton.  Styro Recycle densifies this 97% air-filled material into 50-pound solid blocks, then sends them off to be recycled as interior molding, for example.

Styrofoam peanuts can go year-round to The UPS Store for reuse. They do not accept compostable peanuts. The compostable kind will easily dissolve when kept moist.


4TH of JULY  - Thanks to 28 diligent ZW volunteers - some of whom worked multiple shifts - and cooperative vendors who bought compostable service ware, Zero Waste was able to divert many toters' worth of discards from the dead-end of a landfill.  Instead, the compostable food, plates, napkins, and bowls were trucked to our compost facility, North Mason Fiber, for transformation into a nutrient-rich soil amendment.  The soda cans and water bottles went to our MRF (materials recovery facility) down in Tacoma, to be sorted, baled and sold to aluminum and #1 plastic buyers.  In less than 3 months, those old cans will be back on store shelves, having been melted, reshaped and refilled -- a process that uses 95% less energy than if the cans were made from dug-up aluminum. 

As we do for other major community festivals, Zero Waste set up resource recovery stations in the food vendor areas, consisting of bins for compostables, recyclables and landfill-bound items.  Signage and visual display of discards aided in tossing into the appropriate container, but personal assistance (our volunteers) was the key to clean disposal streams.  If you would like to help us by providing guidance at a resource recovery station in the future, please contact .

Additional 4th of July thanks go to our collaborators:
Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce - for having us present, for sending out ZW info to vendors, and for giving us space at their booth
Bainbridge Disposal - for supplying recycling and compost toters and a truck to transport them, for donating the cost of hauling away the discards, and for sponsoring the girls' swim team to do garbage detail throughout the day
Chris Miller of Coldwell Banker Realty - for organizing the set-up and take-down of the trash and recycling stations and supervising trash pick-up throughout the day
Bainbridge High School Girls' Swim Team and Coach Greg Colby
- for setting up and taking down trash and recycling stations, pulling and replacing the trash bags, and cleaning the streets after the parade
- Gather a minimum of 15 persons and Kitsap Education Outreach will come out for a 45-minute presentation on how to use green cleaners.  Each participant (per family) receives a free green cleaning kit, too!  Call or email to schedule: 360-337-5777 or .

CLIMATE ACTION BLOG - ZW member and scientist Deb Rudnick writes an engaging account of ways she is "committed and focused on taking concrete steps to support climate change actions."  Three stories that concern local zero waste efforts and events are described here: