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Zero Waste Initiative

Zero WasteBainbridge Island Zero Waste, an initiative of Sustainable Bainbridge, is dedicated to reducing the amount of trash generated on Bainbridge Island. We are diverting resources bound for the landfill by promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.
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ZERO WASTE MONTHLY MEETINGS - Now the SECOND Wednesday of the month (although in March we will try a Saturday meeting instead of on Wednesday to draw in new persons). Always at the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way West, 7:00-8:30pm.
NEXT MEETING - February 10
Please come!  Everyone has a unique perspective to offer, 
from which we build a more effective program. 
TRASHION FASHION SHOW - Zero Waste's April 10 Trashion Fashion Show will be
ACCEPTING JURIED ENTRIES UNTIL MARCH 1, 2016, in three categories: wearable clothing from repurposed materials, trashion couture, and fantastical hats. See RULES AND DETAILS here.  This show is part of Earth Art Bainbridge's April 2016 showcase of artistic presentations aiming to inspire us "to understand our impact on the natural world and...take action on climate change." 

BOTTLED-UP FRUSTRATION - Buy Nothing Bainbridge co-founder Liesl Clark writes about single-use drink containers' prominence in roadside litter and what we can do about it in her blog, "Pioneering the Simple Life."
RECYCLE ANYTHING WITH A CORD (that is, if you can't pass it on or fix it) - Take to Bainbridge Disposal Transfer Station.  Put in designated box in the e-waste section.
PARTY TIME! - Throwing a big bash?  Keep disposal costs down by borrowing tableware from Zero Waste.  ZW has a lending library of reusable dishes, cups, glasses, utensils, napkins and tablecloths.  Contact before for your next function.

NICE QUOTE - Eco-Cycle's executive director, Suzanne Jones, says, "Trash collection isn’t free; neither is recycling, but recycling gets you more for your money: more green jobs, more new businesses, less pollution, less destruction of natural areas and habitat, fewer greenhouse gases heating up the planet, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing something to make the world a better place for future generations."

CD REUSE OPPORTUNITY  -  Bainbridge's radio station is set to start live-streaming and needs music!  Donate your CDs - with original jewel case, as royalties will be paid - to Bainbridge Community Broadcasting.  Contact for details.


CLIMATE ACTION BLOG - ZW member and scientist Deb Rudnick writes an engaging account of ways she is "committed and focused on taking concrete steps to support climate change actions."  Four stories that concern local zero waste efforts and events are described here