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Zero Waste Initiative

Zero WasteBainbridge Island Zero Waste, an initiative of Sustainable Bainbridge, is dedicated to reducing the amount of trash generated on Bainbridge Island. We are diverting resources bound for the landfill by promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.
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  - January 21, 7-8:30pm

At the Marge Williams Center, 221 Winslow Way West
We will be finalizing our priorities for 2015.
Please come - everyone has a unique perspective to offer,
from which we build a more effective program.


FLUORESCENT LIGHT RECYCLING -  We used to have to take our fluorescent tubes to Poulsbo.  Now they can be dropped off at Ace Hardware.  As an article in insidebainbridge notes, "Ace will take your traditional fluorescent tubes (including straight, curved and circular tubes), twisty compact fluorescent lights, and high-intensity discharge lights, which are commonly used in outdoor lighting fixtures. Ace will then turn them over to Seattleā€™s EcoLights Northwest for processing. EcoLights breaks down the lights so that the recyclable components, including mercury, can be refined and reused."


NEW BLOG POST from ZW member Deb Rudnick: Making meals sustainable at churches and synagogues
(See some of her other Climate Action posts below.)


CLIMATE ACTION BLOG - ZW member and scientist Deb Rudnick writes an engaging account of ways she is "committed and focused on taking concrete steps to support climate change actions."  Three stories that concern local zero waste efforts and events are described here: