2018 Non-Motorized Survey

Below you can find a variety of documents relating to the survey on walking and biking on Bainbridge Island conducted by BMA in March 2018. Included is the full question set; a summary of the primary findings; the slide deck for our presentation to Bainbridge City Council on April 17; detailed reporting of the responses for each question; and the full set of free text responses to the question “What else should we do to improve conditions for walking and biking on Bainbridge Island?” organized by main subject. Additional resources will be added as they become available.

Please note the following regarding these documents:

  • The PDF of the question set does not show the skip logic that was used to present selected questions only to applicable respondents based on their responses to filtering questions (eg, commuters, parents of school-aged kids);
  • The response detail shows percentages based on the respondents who answered each specific question – some respondents chose not to answer specific questions, and some questions were presented only to a subset of respondents based on their responses to filtering questions;
  • Subgroup analysis was conducted by BMA members using the survey tool by filtering responses based on self-reported demographic attributes of survey respondents;
  • The free text responses were grouped by main subject based on analysis by BMA members – some responses addressing multiple subjects appear in more than one subject category.

Final BMA Survey PDF – March 2018 (pdf)

BMA Survey Narrative Summary 042318 (pdf)

BMA Survey Report Pres to COBI City Council 041718 (pdf)

BMA Survey March 2018 Final Results Spreadsheet (pdf)

BMA Survey Free Text Responses Grouped by Subject Locked 041718 (xlsx)